One of the largest stocks of recovered wood can be found at Frank Pouwer`s. Apart from the size of our stock, the choice in different kinds of wood is also enormous. We have a very diverse range of different kinds of wood, sizes, looks and treatments available. Each with its own story. For instance, you are at the right place for a floor made of French wagon boards. Or how about magnificent old oak beams originating from castles?

This page gives you an overview of recovered wood we have in stock. Wood is obviously a natural product, so no two pieces are alike. We will do our utmost to present the assortment as well as possible on this site, but no webpage can match a visit to our wood yard.  So the best thing to do is to get right into your car and drop by! You are more than welcome to visit our yard and have a look at all the amazing collection of reclaimed wood we have to offer, while enjoying a nice cup of coffee or other refreshment. See you soon!

Wagon boards

Wooden beams

Old planks

Wooden flooring

Old oak tabletops

Round timber

Hydraulic materials

Old Dutch roof tiles