Old elm beams

This is a unique type of wood that is not widely offered. Elm wood is characterized by a beautiful grain, which gives the beams a lot of character. The old elm beams from our collection are thirty years old or even older and that alone makes them all the more exquisite. An additional advantage is that at this age a large part of the warping has disappeared from the wood. In addition, it is tough, fairly light and relatively easy to work with; an ideal type of wood for an interior builder or furniture maker.

Most of the old elm beams in our collection come from old mansions, farms or castles. Upon arrival they are inspected and if necessary stripped of metal. After a treatment (if any), they are placed on other old elm beams with the same size and look. This way you can find the perfect beams for your project in no time at all.

Sizes and stock

Cross cut size: 13×13 cm to 20×20 cm
Length: 300 cm to 500 cm

We have a permanent stock of virtually all sizes. If you require a size that is not in stock, we will saw the beams to size for you.


We provide reclaimed wood to both business and private projects worldwide. Prices upon request


Do you have a specific wish? With the following treatments we can almost always achieve the size or look you have in mind.

  • Planing
  • (Wire) brushing
  • Re-sawing
  • Artificial re-drying
  • Greying
  • Doubling