Air dried oak beams

The name already suggests that these oak beams have been air dried. This natural drying process means that most of the warping has gone from the wood. A pleasant feature if you want to use these beams to build an outbuilding, a barn, storage building or other construction. The air dried oak beams in our collection are at least five years old, and there are also special ones that are 25 years old. Many of these beams have never been used and are therefore free of metal, traces of use or processing. Compared to old oak beams, air dried oak beams are therefore the more ‘sleek’ alternative. Nevertheless, air dried oak beams have a natural ageing that gives them that wonderful look.

15.000 Oak Beams Available

Would you rather have the original wood colour or do you have other preferences, this can be achieved by a treatment of your choice. Combined with the wide variety of sizes in our collection, you will always find the right beams for your project.

Sizes and stock

Cross cut size: 10×10 cm to 60×60 cm
Length: 100 cm to 1600 cm

We have a permanent stock of virtually all sizes. If you require a size that is not in stock, we will saw the beams to size for you.


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We provide reclaimed wood to both business and private projects worldwide. Due to the differences in processing, look, origin and age of air dried oak beams, prices may vary per item. When visiting our yard and showroom, you can have a look at the different options in our collection and get inspired. We can also discuss your specific wishes and make you a tailor-made offer.

Would you like to know in advance how much the beams you have in mind will approximately cost? Please let us know your requirements and telephone number via the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible. In addition, you can find a price list on our download page.


Do you have a specific wish? With the following treatments we can almost always achieve the size or look you have in mind.

  • Planing
  • (Wire) brushing
  • Re-sawing
  • Artificial re-drying
  • Greying
  • Doubling