Wooden flooring

Warm, cozy and above all extremely beautiful; wooden flooring gives a room so much character. Especially when the boards in this floor have a history. The barwood floor for example, a floor made of wood from old barns and farms in the Alps. Or what about floorboards that come from old railway wagons? Whatever type of wood you choose, you will always find something that is unique with us. The wooden floorboards in our collection are also very easy to use as facade cladding or panelling, due to their slim dimensions and their tongue and groove.

The majority of our floorboards is directly available from stock, depending on the required size, type of wood and volume. Your favourite boards can be found at a glance because they are sorted by type and look. Haven’t found the right look yet? Our floors can be adjusted by means of processing or finishing, if so desired. For advice, come to the wood yard where our staff will be more than happy to help you.

Old oak flooring

Old pine flooring

American pine flooring

Barnwood flooring

Pine wagon board flooring

Wagon floorboards