Old planks

Looking for reclaimed old wooden planks? We are confident that you will succeed, given our stock of approximately 20,000 m² of wood. Whatever you are looking for, reclaimed planks will undoubtedly be an enhancement of your project. Not only because of the beautiful aged look of this wood, but also because of its proven quality. The origin of our planks is very diverse, and they all bear their own unique story. From Alpine cladding to wood used in the production of wine; we have an very wide collection of old planks.

We know how difficult it can be to find the perfect planks. For this reason, you can select your own planks. To make things simple, we have sorted our wood according to size and look. So, are you planning to realise a staircase, table, panelling or other project? Come and visit our wood yard and check out all the wonderful products we have to offer.

Old oak wagon boards

Old oak winepress planks

Old haystack planks

Oak barnwood planks

Rustic oak planks

Old pine planks

Planed old oak planks

Old oak slabs

Old elm slabs