Planed old oak haystack planks

When old farms, barns and haystacks are dismantled, usually many oak planks are recovered. These planks appear to be in poor condition as soon as they arrive at our wood yard. However, by means of planing we are able to bring out the best out of these planks. As the required planing depth varies, the planed old oak haystack planks are available in many different thicknesses. The combination of old age and a modern look make the planed old oak haystack planks a popular choice among furniture makers. Quite rightly so, because of their beautiful wood grain and warm look, these planks are real mood makers.

We fully understand that finding the right planks can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. That’s why we’ve put all our planks against the wall so that your favourite ones are quite easy to find.

Sizes and stock

Thickness: 20 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm and 60 mm
Width: 10 cm to 35 cm
Length: 125 cm to 300 cm

Stock: we have planks of the above mentioned thicknesses in stock continuously



We provide reclaimed wood to both business and private projects worldwide. On the download page you will find a pricelist for the boards and planks in our assortment. We will be more than happy to inform you about this list by phone before we send you the password.

Tailor-made solutions

For questions about tailor-made solutions, please feel free to contact us.