Old French oak railway sleepers

We have a collection of wood that includes wood from trains, as well as wood that has been used beneath the trains. Railway sleepers sometimes had to endure extreme (weather) conditions, which is clearly visible when they arrive at our wood yard. However, by means of sawing and planing, we are able to revitalise this wood. The result: characteristic French oak railway sleeper planks with a robust character that don’t warp much anymore due to their old age. This is a particularly pleasant property if, for example, you are planning to make a wall board, table or other piece of furniture.

At our wood yard the planks are carefully sorted according to size and look, so you can view and select them at your leisure. Moreover, you can take them home immediately, as we always have the old French oak railway sleeper planks in stock.

Sizes and stock

Thickness: 40 mm
Width: 16 cm to 25 cm
Length: approx. 260 cm

Old French oak railway sleepers are on stock continuously.


€125,- per m² incl. tax

Tailor-made solutions

For questions about tailor-made solutions, please feel free to contact us.