Old oak winepress planks

There are very few planks with a past as romantic as those of the old oak winepress planks. At the end of the 19th century, large wooden winepresses were in use to make wine. The juice was squeezed out of the grapes with the help of a large, heavy beam, and this juice was collected in a tank made of oak planks: the winepress planks. Fortunately, these winepresses can still be seen, but when they are dismantled, we are quite happy to find a new owner for this magnificent wood. Most of the planks in our collection are of French origin and have a unique look due to their age and the way they have been used. Because of their large dimensions, these planks are extremely suitable to transform in a robust bar or dining table.

Finding your favourite old oak winepress planks is very easy with us because we sort them by size and look. At our wood yard you can have a closer look at our wood collection and take the most beautiful planks home with you right away.

Sizes and stock

Thickness: approx. 40 mm, approx. 50 mm, approx. 60 mm, approx. 70 mm and approx. 85 mm
Width: 10 cm to 24 cm
Length: 150 cm to 300 cm

Stock: we have planks of the above mentioned thicknesses in stock continuously


We provide reclaimed wood to both business and private projects worldwide. Prices upon request.

Tailor-made solutions

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