Old pine planks

In the past, pine was widely used due to its wide availability and excellent milling properties. That is why a large part of the wood that is recovered during the dismantling of old buildings consists of pine planks. These used planks are often very easy to restore, with some time and care they are ready for a new implementation. Because of their warm look, this wood is very suitable for flooring, cladding or panelling. Our collection of old pine planks contains specimen that all have their own specific look and feel and of course they come in different dimensions. From narrow planed floorboards to wide aged planks, we have them in stock. You can also choose pine planks, with almost identical properties. So many choices make finding your favourite planks a challenging task, but since our wood is carefully sorted by size and look, it is easy and certainly enjoyable to do! Feel free to drop by, take a look at all possibilities and let our competent team advise you.

Sizes and stock

Our stock consists of a great variety of large batches, each with different dimensions. The sizes given below are an indication:

Thickness: 10mm to 60 mm
Width: 7 cm to 30 cm
Length: 100 cm to 600 cm


From €20,- excl. tax per m²

Sizes and stock

For questions about tailor-made solutions, please feel free to contact us.