Rustic oak planks

In contrast to planed old oak planks, rustic oak planks only undergo the absolute necessary treatment. By simply removing the dirt, their beautiful authentic look is preserved. For this reason, this wood is particularly suitable for use in restoration projects. The planks all have different origins, which means that their looks can vary considerably. From highly worn planks with deep grooves to more smoother ones with a magnificent wood grain, our collection is quite diverse. As a result of their old age, rustic oak planks don’t warp that much anymore. A very favourable property that is especially appreciated in both interior construction and furniture making.

Despite the great diversity of our collection we try to make your search for the most beautiful planks as simple as possible by sorting the planks by size and look and by displaying them in a spacious manner. Please feel free to visit us any time and have a look at the planks.

Sizes and stock

Thickness: approx. 40 mm, approx. 50 mm, approx. 60 mm, approx. 80 mm
Width: 10 cm to 25 cm
Length: 100 cm to 300 cm


We provide reclaimed wood to both business and private projects worldwide. Prices upon request.

Tailor-made solutions

For questions about tailor-made solutions, please feel free to contact us.