Wagon Boards

After years of intensive use, old train wagons end up in the hands of a dismantling company. The floorboards are often just as damaged as the freight wagons they came from. Many would let the floorboards end up in the woodburning stove, but fortunately we have both the knowledge and the skills to restore them to their full glory. As it happens, there are true works of art hidden under the thick layers of dirt! The result is magnificent: the deep grooves, the unique character and the distinctive bolt holes become visible again. An excellent choice for those looking for wood with a warm character and rich history. Moreover, our wagon boards are a valuable investment thanks to their high durability and exclusiveness.

With a permanent stock of around 15,000 French oak, pine and tropical hardwood wagon boards, you are guaranteed to find your favourite with us. The boards are available in planed, wire brushed and unprocessed varieties. Furthermore, you are welcome to choose your own wood so that you can go home with the most beautiful boards. In order to make your search easier, they are arranged by size and look. With six different thickness sizes in stock, we can virtually always offer the right boards for your project. Your table top, bar or floor (to name just a few ideas) is guaranteed to become a huge success.

Planed reclaimed oak wagon boards

Wire brushed reclaimed oak wagon boards

Hardwood wagon boards

Pine wagon boards

Reclaimed oak tabletops

Large batches of wagon boards