Pine wagon boards

In addition to the oak and tropical hardwood variants, we also offer pine wagon boards. In contrast to the other variants, pine wagon boards were mainly used in closed freight wagons and are therefore less battered. Although these boards were not exposed to weather conditions, over the years they have been given a unique, well-lived look. Once the layer of dirt has been brushed off, this becomes clearly visible again. Owing to their warm colour, the pine wagon boards in our collection are real mood makers, and are ready to be used as floors, facade cladding or table tops. The wagon boards in our wood yard are sorted according to size and look so that you can get a good idea of our collection. Moreover, you can select the most beautiful ones yourself.

Sizes and stock

Thickness:  15mm, 20mm, 40mm and 60mm
Width: 10 cm to 30 cm
Length: 100 cm to 285 cm

Large quantities on stock (February 2020)


We provide reclaimed wood to both business and private projects worldwide.On the download page you will find a pricelist for the boards and planks in our assortment. We will be more than happy to inform you about this list by phone before we send you the password.

Tailor-made solutions

For questions about tailor-made solutions, please feel free to contact us.