In addition to the great appearance and its reduced warping, ecological responsibility is also a good reason to choose reclaimed wood. Instead of stimulating logging and wasting building materials, you give reclaimed wood a second life. In this way, we reduce the impact on the environment and promote a circular economy. Moreover, we acknowledge the tremendous potential and value of this beautiful natural product.

‘100% FSC recycling’ certification

Individuals and companies like to come to us, and we also supply to the public sector. The Department of Waterways and Public Works, Water Boards and the Province are examples of this. Especially in this sector, the demand for sustainable and recycled hardwood is growing. For this reason, we can arrange for the greater part of our assortment to be officially labelled ‘100% FSC recycling’ upon request.

ISPM15 certification

Since wood is a natural product, it is very well possible that woodworms or related insects are present in beams or planks. For products where there is an increased risk of these unwanted inhabitants, you will receive pesticides free of charge. Would you like to be sure that your purchase is insect-free? Upon request, we can supply certified ISMP15 wood. This wood will then undergo heat treatment by a registered company, guaranteeing that your beam or plank is free of woodworm.